At the Group's Annual General Meeting in April 2008, Mike Fuller, Bryan Durant and Mike Baish raised the idea of celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2009 by the production of a book of our images. It speaks for itself that it was a popular idea. We are very proud of the end result.

Each member of the group who chose to, has contributed a number of images and a biography of their photographic interests. Images cover a huge range of subjects and are created by traditional and digital methods.

The book is dedicated to Geoff Holmes, one of the founding members of the Group in recognition of his contribution to making the Group the success it is today. His eloquent introduction to the book is reproduced elsewhere on the site.

Mike Fuller was the key person involved in its production. He collated the images and biographies and patiently sat with every contributor, going through their pages to ensure they were happy with them. Thanks very much Mike!

Retrospective is a 224 page large format book (13×11 inches;  33×28 centimeters)  published by and available to purchase on The book can be found by searching 'Retrospective' in the 'Fine Arts' section of the home page.

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