Blenheim Palace

Any photographic outing to Blenheim Palace really needs at least 2 full days to cover what's on offer over the huge site.


Quite a few of the group spent the morning at the Pleasure Gardens, which you get to by a small train. There is a Butterfly House there as the main attraction, but it 1s more a long greenhouse full of colourful plants with a few tropical butterflies flying about than a dedicated insect centre. Also, in another section, there is a model village of Woodstock set out on a lawn plus a maze.


Back at the main house, there are many separate gardens with fountains, parterres and statues to photograph with tourists wandering around under parasols, etc. Then, further afield you have a beautiful waterfall, lakes with stunning views and the famous bridge on the way to the obelisk in the distance. The weather was warm and sunny, and one was almost down to shirt-sleeve order. There are plenty of good eating places, a champagne bar for the needy and hot food can include chips for the extra-hungry.


I think we would all recommend it.

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