Bradgate Park

We parked at the Newtown Linfold entrance, had a coffee and then walked roughly eastwards to the Deer Barn buildings for lunch in their refurbished cafeteria. Also on that site is a newly opened visitor centre. I had chosen a Thursday for our outing as it is one of the days on which Bradgate House is open. So, on our return journey, we stopped at the ruins of a magnificent Tudor House that was once one of the earliest unfortified mansions to be built in England and one of the first houses to be built in brick. Set against a bold blue sky, some of the polychromatic brickwork was stunning.
Another key feature of Bradgate Park is the deer there, most of which are kept fenced off in separate fields. However, some young ones with antlers, newly grown, are left to wander amongst the visitors. In fact, once we had gained entry - and it was free - there were 4 of them sitting next to a wall eating. We were able to take photographs from a distance of about 25 feet. They seem to accept visitors without any problem, although there are notices not to feed them as it could be dangerous.
About 2/3 days before our visit, there were weather forecasts indicating temperatures of 28 C, but fortunately they did not materialise and it was comfortable in a brisk breeze.

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