British Museum

One is always conscious, when arranging an outing at this time of year, that the weather may play an unwelcome hand, but we were lucky in that only brief showers occurred and they did not affect our journeys in any way. However, let it be recorded that large tracts of water in Somerset were under water and there were severe flood warnings in place as gale force winds and torrential rain battered the west of the country.


The British Museum is an excellent place to visit at any time of the year: there are good eating facilities, plenty of seats in the galleries on which to take a rest and a whole variety of objects on show, spread over five floors, to photograph. Added to which, one can indulge in all sorts of people photography, especially from a viewing platform over the Great Court.


About mid-afternoon, we split up to go our various ways to other sites in London and the core group spent time at Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations snapping the new concourses there, before having a cup of tea and a piece of cake and boarding the train home.

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