The July 2015 outing was to Cambridge where we split the visit between King’s  College and the Botanical Gardens. For convenience sake, we met up at the Trumpington Park & Ride and this enabled us to use the same bus to get into the centre of Cambridge as well as stop off on the return journey just outside the Botanical Gardens.

Cambridge has always been an attraction for overseas tourists, and the day we visited was no exception. King’s College Chapel was crowded and it was not possible to take ‘clean’ shots at floor level of any width without people being in them. The best that could be achieved was to photograph a selected area when it was clear. I suppose one could say that of any cathedral in the UK, but I’ve heard it said that there is no good time to come to Cambridge and it is always busy.

The main attraction at the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens was in the tropics section. There, the titan arum ‘corpse flower’ was in bloom, and the last time it flowered was in 2004. The bloom lasts a few days and emits a stench of rotting flesh to attract pollinators. The bloom was still in evidence when we were there, but thankfully there was no smell.

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