Canons Ashby

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As Malcolm Laughton was indisposed and couldn't prepare the original outing planned for 24th July, Annie Ford arranged an alternative trip to Canon's Ashby House, Church and Gardens. 


The house had been the home of the Dryden family since its construction in the 16th century; the manor house was built in approximately 1550 with additions in the 1590s, in the 1630s and 1710. The house sits in the midst of a formal garden with colourful herbaceous borders, an orchard featuring varieties of fruit trees from the 16th century, terraces, walls and gate piers from 1710. There is also the remains of a medieval priory church (from which the house gets its name). The decaying property was taken over and restored by the National Trust during the 1980ies with Government funds.


There were just 5 stalwarts on this outing braving the immense heat. It was quite bearable at first, when we visited the priory church, after which we viewed the interior of the house. We were allowed to take photos without flash and tripods. As it was a bright day and lamps had been placed in the darker corners of the rooms, there was sufficient light for handheld photography. Afterwards we fled inside the cafe to have lunch. We finished off with a quick tour around the gardens, but did not stay too long due to the increasing heat.


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