Charlecote Park

Charlecote Park was built in the 1550s for the Lucy family and in the 1750s ‘Capability’ Brown was commissioned to make changes to the landscape. It boasts an Elizabethan brick gatehouse, an Orangery(now the restaurant), a Victorian Kitchen and Servants’ Hall Shop, a Brew-house, a Laundry and a Carriage collection. In the grounds, there is a cascade linking the River Dene with the River Avon, a deer park, a church and abundant meadows to walk round the estate.


The lawns near the house were being cut while we were there, and unfortunately the main driveway was under reconstruction and this meant that the iconic views through the gatehouse and up the drive were ruined and we were not able to photograph them. The National Trust staff we spoke sympathised with us and said the repair work seemed to be dragging on and on.


The weather was fine, but the light was mostly flat until around lunchtime for a brief spell. We were able to photograph in the house without flash.

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