Cambridge University Botanical Gardens

The Garden is about half a mile south of the city centre and just off Trumpington Road.At the entrance we were all given a comprehensive map of the layout, which made choosing which individual gardens to visit and in general getting around relatively easy. The site covers 40 acres and contains over 8,000 species that are the living plant collection of the University of Cambridge. It is beautifully landscaped and has been developed by generations of expert gardeners. The weather was good for photography: bright and sunny for the most part, although it was overcast by mid afternoon.

It is not possible to list all of the different kinds of gardens, but the most popular for photography were the Rock Garden, the Bog Garden and surrounding pool, the Terrace Garden, the Rose Garden and the Glasshouse Range.

There were nine of us and we met up in the newly furnished cafe/restaurant for coffee, lunch and a cup of tea to exchange notes. It was a good day out.

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Bee feeding
Well Protected
Fanning Out
Looking Up
Prickly Stem
Seeking The Sun
Palm tree
Pond detail
Swamp cypress
Water detail
Water plants
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