Coton Manor Gardens

Coton Manor Garden is a little gem tucked away in the north Northants countryside.

With hard work and dedication, Mr and Mrs Paisley Tyler have made it a delightful place to visit and a very popular attraction. As a back-up for the August outing, it worked extremely well and 12 photographers from our group turned up, in spite of a very poor weather forecast. Unfortunately, the forecast was spot on and it rained steadily for the first 2 hours, then there was a dry period of half an hour, before the heavens opened for a thunder storm.​

As CMG does not open until 12:00, we gathered for a bite to eat first, then set out around the small estate. The light was flat, which put a dampener ​on any landscape shots, so the emphasis was on close-ups of flora, stone work, the various waterfalls, animals including flamingos and a sow plus 6 piglets, wet wooden seats(sic), reflections, a sculpture of a stag, etc.

It was not a day for the faint-hearted photographer, and the excellent cafeteria there, which served tasty food, did a good trade out of us throughout the afternoon.

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