Kenilworth Castle

Although built in the twelfth century, Kenilworth Castle is best known as a gift from Elizabeth I to her favourite, Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester. In those days, not only was the castle fortified, but it also acted as a stopping place for the queen and her entourage as they travelled round the country.

The ruins today are a big attraction in the West Midlands, particularly the relatively new Elizabethan garden, which is inside the grounds. Although the weather smiled on us for once, we had to put up with the eyesore of a white van in the garden for most of the day, as it was used to clean the statues and and do other maintenance work. Otherwise, the setting offered great opportunities for shots: the ruins against a blue sky and high thin cloud in the morning, the battlements and walkways from second floor height, the central hall sunlit from the open sky, the Tudor building that housed the cafe/resaurant plus distant views of the castle from outside its walls.

If you have not been there recently, I would recommend a visit.

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Empty Windows
Morning Shadows
Stairs To The Top
View From The Top
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