Leicester University Botanic Gardens

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We managed to pick another really hot day for our outing to Leicester Botanic Gardens. We met up at Costa Coffee in the centre of Oadby and then went on to the Botanic Gardens. There was easy parking right next to the entrance of the park, which was free. Entry to the park was also free of charge.


There were a few sculptures in the gardens and some specimen trees, flower beds and a pond with fountains. It was as hot outside as in the desert house where they had quite a few large cacti with fearsome spines. There was also a tropical hothouse, which we ventured into. This was indeed hotter and more humid than the weather outside. It also had a separate part with a sliding door inside which housed the sun dews and pitcher plants. It was dripping in there and we did not tarry long. The bonus to this adventure was that the first part of the hothouse seemed practically cool and outside was quite refreshing.


After a packed lunch on a park bench under a nice shady tree, we took another stroll around the park and then called it a day.


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