RSPB The Lodge, Sandy

RSPB The Lodge at Sandy in Bedfordshire is a nature reserve run by the RSPB, named after the building there. The reserve is an extensive area of land, consisting of heathland, woodland and the remnants of a sandstone quarry.


After Princess Margaret decided not to buy The Lodge (having been advised that a public bridleway through the grounds was a security risk), the RSPB acquired it in 1961. It has been their headquarters ever since.


On the day of our outing the rain held off and it became quite muggy in the afternoon, by which time we were tucking into the sandwiches we had each brought with us in either the formal gardens next to The Lodge or in the garden at the entrance to the property.


If anyone has not been recently, I would recommend a visit. There are some steep steps (with a handrail) to negotiate, however.

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